Parts Of Commercial Umbrella

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The invention of the umbrella helps man to enjoy or resist the weather with the help of the shade provided by an umbrella. The umbrella is popular in households and for commercial use. They can be used in markets, café, restaurants, hotels, beaches or even in factories. The use of an umbrella can be limitless. Even in some cases, they are not only for shade purposes, whereas they are used the promotional tool.

But choosing the right commercial umbrella is a bit tricky and needs close observation. The following factors must be considered before finalizing your commercial umbrella.


The shape of the umbrella is directly dependent on the area it needs to be covered. The shape of the umbrella can be octagonal round, rectangle, and square. Every shape has its pros and cons but they are suitable for specific areas and locations.


The size of the umbrella will be determined as per its coverage area and shape. If you have to cover a large area then the diameter for the market umbrellas Melbourne will be selected accordingly. But the larger diameter means that the umbrella needs a strong structure to bear its weight. The size of the umbrella of critical to its purpose as if the wrong size will be selected then the umbrella will not be serving its actual need.

Material for Umbrella

The material of the umbrella will define its strength and durability. The most popular material is an offer by Sunbrella Fabrics as they provide specialize fabrics for umbrellas. They are 100% solution-dyed fabrics, their color is locked into fibers. They are resistant to UV sunrays and not fade due to the same. The fabrics are durable to last for years. Polyester is a second popular material for the umbrella, they are also solution-dyed locked-in color. They have a limited life of 4 years against fading and UV exposure. As it’s a synthetic material, so it is available in a wide range of colors. Acrylic is also common for commercial umbrellas. It is durable material with A-class anti-fading and anti UV exposure. They are widely used as a pool or beach umbrella due to their durability.

Material for Pole

The Pole is the backbone of the umbrella, the whole structure of the umbrella is dependent on pole strength. The pole is made from a different material as per its application. For example, wood is the foremost contender for pole material. The wooden umbrella is used in cafes, restaurants, and markets and wood is the oldest material from which the pole is made. The other material for pole are used are aluminum and steel. They are used to provide extended strength to structure and durability. Most of the commercial umbrellas now have a pole made of aluminum and steel. They are rust-resistant and can stand strong winds also. Both materials provide versatility in terms of tilting umbrellas.


The base of the umbrella will be holding the complete structure. The same pole materials can be used for the base of umbrella i.e. wood, steel, aluminum. Base can be fixed or movable as per need. The size of the base must be proportional to the diameter and pole material.