The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Limestone Retaining Wall

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Nature has blessed man with various kinds of rocks and man was intelligent enough to use these rocks properly. Vast range of variety in rocks can be found in this earth like igneous rocks, metamorphic rocks, sedimentary rocks, etc. These rocks are then further subdivided into various kinds on the basis of their features. Each kind of a rock has different advantages and disadvantages. Limestone Perth is one such rock which is a type of sedimentary rocks, it also comes with its advantages and disadvantages but its advantages are way more than its disadvantages. In this article, we will not only be discussing about limestone rock but also about the advantages and disadvantages of limestone retaining wall.

Limestone retaining wall:

Before directly discussing about limestone retaining wall, let us first briefly comprehend about limestone. Limestone is the sedimentary rock which is basically composed of calcium carbonate which is formed by the accumulation of organic remains such as shells or corals. Limestone is the main ingredient used for various building materials due to its multifunctional qualities.Now, coming to the retaining wall; retaining wall is the type of a wall which holds back earth, soil or water. It is extremely thick and is of various types like cantilevered retaining wall, sheet piling retaining wall, bored pile retaining wall, anchored retaining wall and limestone retaining wall.

The advantages of limestone retaining wall:

Limestone retaining wall is the structure which holds the soil and water from passing through the wall. Limestone retaining walls are extremely enchanting to look at and they give aesthetic look because limestone is a beautiful stone. Moreover, they are a strong stone which is why they are long lasting and extremely durable. Limestone can be used for various building or construction purposes in addition to retaining walls as they are quite versatile. Other than these, limestone retaining walls are cheaper to construct and not that much cost effective.

The disadvantages of limestone retaining wall:

There few disadvantages of limestone retaining wall as well like acid rain damages the wall and causes the holes in between the bricks. Moreover, limestone retaining wall quarries can be seen from distance as well.

However, considering the above mentioned advantages and disadvantages of limestone retaining wall, it will not be wrong to say that limestone retainingwall is quite recommendable for building purposes.


Limestone is the sedimentary rock which is chiefly composed of carbonate and organic materials like corals and resin. On the other hand, retaining wall is the wall which holds back soil and water. Limestone retaining walls are hugely popular in hilly areas as they restrain soil, stones and water from passing through the wall. There are lot of advantages of limestone retaining wall and some disadvantages as well. Its strength, durability, aesthetic property, versatility and cost effective price can be counted as its advantages while its wearing off due to acid rain is its disadvantage. “Crave liquid limestone” provides the best quality of limestone for your building or construction purposes.